A Biophoton Light Session

During a session, which typically lasts an hour or more, the practitioner takes measurements and makes observations. Providing there’s no interference of other physical or energetic treatment (or environmental disturbances, a client typically needs 4-12 sessions to restore biophoton coherence. Usually results are experienced soon after starting sessions. Biophoton light sessions can be effective for clients currently on physician prescribed medications, but it is expected that more sessions than average are required.
The first 2 treatments should not be more than one week apart, 5 days is ideal. After this, the frequency is no more than once per week. The sessions initiate a self-healing action and the body needs time to integrate the information from the sessions.

The Chiren

Measuring the Meridians

The practitioner will first assess whether there’s any reason not to start a biophoton treatment. Then a short interview follows to get a general picture of the imbalances experienced by the client.
Skin resistance measurements are performed on several points on the hands to establish whether one of several energetic conditions are present (energetic whiplash or energetic electron spin-inversion). Then these conditions are corrected with biophoton light.
After this, all points on each finger and toe of both hands and feet are measured to get an overall picture of which meridians are affected energetically. Then, light information are tested to balance the disturbances.

Glass Hand Rods and Footplates

The Light Session

A 10 minute session with glass rods held in both hands is carried out. The body’s biophoton emission is collected through the rod held in the right hand. Inside the instrument the body’s coherent light is amplified, while the chaotic light is inverted. The light is then sent back to the body via the glass rod held in the left hand. This rod can be recognized by a blue light. After the hand session, another meridian measurement follows, and if necessary additional information is tested. Finally, a 17 minute biophoton light session is given with bare feet placed on two glass plates.